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Brandi is available as a package for use with a module bundler or in a Node application.

npm install brandi
# Yarn
yarn add brandi

The Brandi source code is written in TypeScript but we precompile both CommonJS and ESModule builds to ES2018.

Additionally, we provide builds precompiled to ESNext by esnext, esnext:main and esnext:module fields.


TypeScript type definitions are included in the library and do not need to be installed additionally.

No Dependencies

Brandi has no dependencies, but requires the following globals in order to work:

  • Symbol
  • WeakMap


By default, Brandi will be in development mode. The development mode includes warnings about common mistakes and capture()/restore() Container methods.

Don't forget to set process.env.NODE_ENV to production when deploying your application.


Brandi-React is the React bindings layer for Brandi.

It lets your React components get dependencies from Brandi containers.

npm install brandi-react
# Yarn
yarn add brandi-react